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On Sundays at St George's we've got a rich buffet of services planned over the coming months.  In addition to eucharistic services, we will be offering Morning Prayer services with a variety of speakers including people from within the congregation and some invited guests. 

One of those guests is Dr. Lauren F Winner.   Lauren is one of my favourite preachers, teachers and an all around lovely human being.  Prior to COVID-19 we never would have imagined being able to invite Lauren to join us at St George's because the cost to fly her in would have been prohibitive.  However, with our creativity expanded and our increasing comfort with technology, we can have her with us on Sundays, through a DVD series based on her wonderful book, "Mudhouse Sabbath."

Here is what the publisher has to say about this series:

 “It's not just that Jesus was a Jew, Jesus still is a Jew. Engaging Jewish practice and tradition is one important way of overcoming the gaps that we sometimes feel exist between Jesus and ourselves.” So begins Lauren Winner on the powerful new Mudhouse Sabbath DVD: Seven Ways of Christian Formation Inspired by the Jewishness of Jesus. Designed to be a course in Christian formation all by itself, or as a companion to her bestselling book, this resource will challenge you to :

Encounter the Jewish context that nurtured Jesus.

Explore spiritual practices of hospitality, mindful eating, prayer and fasting, and mourning.

Deepen your Christian faith by incorporating these things into your life. "


Our first session with Lauren will take place this coming Sunday,  May 22nd and then we will return to the series periodically throughout the remainder of 2022.    On this first Sunday, we'll be exploring the concept of prayer, and what we can learn from the Jewish tradition about this important part of our lives.