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Lent is typically a time of prayer, fasting and reflection as we prepare for Holy Week. Many people give things up or take things on to help mark the time as different from Ordinary Time. 

This year we will be partnering with Sherwood Park Lutheran as we celebrate these seasons.  You can check out all of our plans on the Events Page of the website and we'll also be giving you regular updates in the weekly newsletter.

Lent officially begins with Ash Wednesday and we'd encourage you to come to one of the services we are holding on that day. There will be a service at St George's at 2pm and another at 7pm at Sherwood Park. You're welcome to attend either service... or both!

There are also a number of Lenten series that you can particpate in. Bishop Don is facilitating one on Zoom that you can read more about by clicking here.   Rachel will be faciliating one at St George's on Wednesdays at 2pm.  You can read more about that one by clicking here.

And here are some other resources you may want to consider using as we enter into this new season in the Church year:

To use with Kids:   This link will take you to a post about Lent and a link to a podcast where Eileen Campbell-Reed and Traci Smith discuss ideas for including kids in Lent.  Traci's book "Faithful Families: For Lent, Easter, and Resurrection"  is also a good resource.

Lent Madness:   Maybe this is the year to engage playfully in Lent. Lent Madness is a round robin tournament that invites you to learn about, and then vote for your favourite saints.   It's fun and you'll learn a lot too.  Sign up and you'll receive a daily email with the stories of two saints. Read the stories and vote for your favourite.   At Easter, one saint will be crowned the winner and receive the golden halo.

Have a great resource to share that's not on this list? Contact us and let us know!


Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash