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Good morning St George's,

It is beginning to finally feel like spring! I hope you are able to enjoy some time in the sun today.

You can view yesterday's service in the Service Tab of the website or watch it directly on YouTube.

In December we began offering services at Park Manor again. The services are the third Wednesday of every month at 10am.  We are looking for a team of people to help us to be able to offer these services. We only need two people each time but if we had say, 6 volunteers, they could rotate and only need to serve once every few months.

This is a fun and fairly simple way to help share God's love with the folks at Park Manor but there is some training that needs to happen before you can begin.  After some discussion we have decided to postpone the training that was scheduled for this Wednesday morning and hold an orientation and Q & A for interested people after an upcoming service.  Please let me or one of the wardens know if you are interested in helping out. The date for the orientation will be posted in the newsletter.

Peace to you all,